Tuesday, July 30, 2013

...A deeper theology of women

If you've not already heard the news, Pope Francis had some amazing things to say about non-judgment of gay priests as well as needing a deeper theology of women.  He also indicated that Mary (the mother of Jesus) was more important than the Apostles.  This seemed to be a scandalous revelation for many but I am honestly unsure why.  Jesus needed Mary just as much as he needed God in order to come to this earth to atone for our sins--it makes perfect sense that she would be more important than the Apostles.

What does what Pope Francis says have anything to do with LDS feelings on female theology though?  Catholicism is the major Christian religion, with a worldwide membership of over 1 billion people.  The Pope's words have the potential of shaping Christian thought for some time.  His move toward a more humble and holy servant-ship could lead Christianity as a whole to a higher plane of Christ-like tendencies.  These tendencies could easily crossover into Mormonism and we may see a greater deal of equality along with our own deeper theology of women.  All the pieces are in place for women's ordination in our own Church, it would truly be mind-blowing if Catholicism beat us there.


Saturday, July 27, 2013

Motherhood =/= Priesthood....again

A common reason to deny women the Priesthood is the old adage "Women have Motherhood and Men have the Priesthood."  This correlation is false.  Fatherhood is the equivalent of Motherhood, not Priesthood. 

Motherhood does not require one to be "worthy"--there are bad folks who become mothers and there are good folks who cannot.

Fatherhood does not preclude one from being a Priesthood holder, in fact, more often than not fatherhood enhances his rank in The Church.

A woman cannot asexually reproduce, so even if using donor sperm, sperm was still necessary, men can unilaterally exercise the Priesthood.  Since 12 yr olds receive the Priesthood one is never in need of a woman to exercise it.

There are a great many reasons why Motherhood and Priesthood are not equivalent, yet no matter how many times the theory is debunked it is still used over and over.  Why is that?  Why do thinking people not understand that the correlation falls apart instantly?  Let us be the voice of reason and ever push forward spreading the word that the two are not equal and never will be.


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Accomplishing Goals in a Faithful Context

In petitioning for our leaders to approach our Heavenly Parents with the question of re-instituting the practice of ordaining women to the Priesthood it is important that we keep sight of what we hope to accomplish.  Our goals are dashed if we allow ourselves to become embroiled in contention, or sidetracked by those who would see us fail.  Keeping a level head can be hard to do (especially on the internet) and more than anyone I know it is unfair to be expected to keep my cool while being berated and attacked, but it is the only way forward.  If this initiative fails, those who are against it have lost nothing, but we stand to lose everything and so the onus for correct behavior happens to fall on us.

Some important tips to remember are:

1. Respectful engagement includes plenty of "I" statements.
2. Disagreement is not equal to attack
3. It can be hard sometimes for others to recognize their privilege.
4. When all else fails and respectful engagement is not possible, it is time to walk away.
4a. This can mean leaving the discussion entirely, or taking a break to cool down.

With these tips in mind, we can keep the conversation on track, as well as maintain the goal of faithful agitation.  If we give people a reason to dismiss us, they will.  I hope you find these tips helpful in your future discussions on this topic.


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pioneering Day

On this Pioneer Day, I felt that the prayer of my heart is to approach my Heavenly Parents with a prayer for the Priesthood of The Church to be extended to all.  To be a pioneer in my own life, and have my heart's true desire manifest itself in my daily supplication to my makers.  Prayer is another way we call on the power of God, and tap into our Divine Nature.  Prayer to our Heavenly Parents to make things right, and prayer that our leaders will be moved with the spirit of revelation.

As Pioneers put all (both temporal and spiritual health) on the line to do what they felt was right in the eyes of God, so shall we.  This is my prayer for us all today.


Saturday, July 20, 2013

On blessing and blessings

As I mentioned in my previous post, one of the reasons I have seen for being in favor of female ordination (and one that I happen to agree with) is the wanting to bless the lives of others through the laying on of hands.  Oddly enough, a pretty common counter to female ordination is "You can't bless yourself anyway!"  As if the sole reasoning for wanting to have recognized Priesthood Power would be for our own benefit--no wonder people think it is selfish when they apply their own selfish logic to other people's motivations!

As members of The Church we are constantly subject to lessons and talks that praise the Priesthood, and what a blessing it is to serve others by the power and authority of God.  In practically the same breath women are told "but you don't want it, it is so much responsibilityyyy."  Yes, the Priesthood is quite a responsibility.  I daresay many men who find it daunting might be relieved were they able to share duties with women.

In recent discussion on this subject someone brought up an excellent point that I had never really thought about before--when it is convenient for scriptures to have "men" mean "mankind" it is so, and conversely when it is convenient for "men" to mean "male humans" it is so.  It can't be both.  God is no respecter of persons.  He does not love men more than women or vice versa.  Desiring the Priesthood in order to bless others is a righteous desire no matter who says otherwise.  As daughters with a Divine Nature we must make these strides to own our inheritance that has been forgotten by so many.


Monday, July 15, 2013

Faithful Agitation

I know that there are many other wonderful sites that are currently bringing light to the prayer for female ordination to the Priesthood of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  My aim here is to offer my own take on this prayer, as well as to further engage Mormons of every stripe, and allies to this cause so that there is an opportunity for this to be something we see in our lifetime, or the generation of girls coming up now.

As I see it, some of the main reasons women believe they should be ordained to the Priesthood are three-fold; 1. In this dispensation, women were ordained and that practice has been discontinued, 2. Priesthood duties are tied to administrative duties of The Church and so as long as women are denied the Priesthood we will never have a meaningful voice in leadership roles, and 3. Many wish to be able to give blessings of comfort, and joy to their friends, and loved ones in times of great distress.

Many opponents would have us believe that it is a selfish desire to seek to render service to others by wielding the power of God; this argument leaves me in a stunned silence.  How can wanting to serve and uplift others by utilizing God's power here on earth, ever be a selfish desire?  How can wanting a voice in Church government where that voice is denied to more than 50% of the Church membership be selfish?  How can agitating faithfully for the restoration of ALL things be selfish?

In coming posts I will address these issues further, but I wanted to launch this blog officially so all readers/followers can understand where I stand before choosing whether or not to add their voice to my neck of these woods.