Thursday, July 25, 2013

Accomplishing Goals in a Faithful Context

In petitioning for our leaders to approach our Heavenly Parents with the question of re-instituting the practice of ordaining women to the Priesthood it is important that we keep sight of what we hope to accomplish.  Our goals are dashed if we allow ourselves to become embroiled in contention, or sidetracked by those who would see us fail.  Keeping a level head can be hard to do (especially on the internet) and more than anyone I know it is unfair to be expected to keep my cool while being berated and attacked, but it is the only way forward.  If this initiative fails, those who are against it have lost nothing, but we stand to lose everything and so the onus for correct behavior happens to fall on us.

Some important tips to remember are:

1. Respectful engagement includes plenty of "I" statements.
2. Disagreement is not equal to attack
3. It can be hard sometimes for others to recognize their privilege.
4. When all else fails and respectful engagement is not possible, it is time to walk away.
4a. This can mean leaving the discussion entirely, or taking a break to cool down.

With these tips in mind, we can keep the conversation on track, as well as maintain the goal of faithful agitation.  If we give people a reason to dismiss us, they will.  I hope you find these tips helpful in your future discussions on this topic.


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