Tuesday, July 30, 2013

...A deeper theology of women

If you've not already heard the news, Pope Francis had some amazing things to say about non-judgment of gay priests as well as needing a deeper theology of women.  He also indicated that Mary (the mother of Jesus) was more important than the Apostles.  This seemed to be a scandalous revelation for many but I am honestly unsure why.  Jesus needed Mary just as much as he needed God in order to come to this earth to atone for our sins--it makes perfect sense that she would be more important than the Apostles.

What does what Pope Francis says have anything to do with LDS feelings on female theology though?  Catholicism is the major Christian religion, with a worldwide membership of over 1 billion people.  The Pope's words have the potential of shaping Christian thought for some time.  His move toward a more humble and holy servant-ship could lead Christianity as a whole to a higher plane of Christ-like tendencies.  These tendencies could easily crossover into Mormonism and we may see a greater deal of equality along with our own deeper theology of women.  All the pieces are in place for women's ordination in our own Church, it would truly be mind-blowing if Catholicism beat us there.


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