Saturday, August 10, 2013


In recent conversations on the Ordination of Women in The Church many (including other women) have indicated that they would actually like to see a Priestesshood for women, rather than ordaining women to the (currently) male only Priesthood.

Separate but equal has never worked, and if a privileged class (in this case men) is presented with an underprivileged class (women) there will more than likely be a hierarchy of whether Priesthood or Priestesshood is better--take a wild guess which will automatically be better?

The Priesthood of God is not the Penishood of God.  There is no male-only requirement, and so I reject that there is such thing as a "male Priesthood" to have a female counterpart of.  My sincere worthy desires place me in the same camp as any human male in the eyes of God.  Men are no better, no worse and so we should not seek for table scraps at the expense of our divine heritage.

Zelophehad's daughters did not seek a "different" inheritance from what they should have been legally entitled to, but were not.  They petitioned Moses to petition the Lord, and the Lord agreed that the daughters were indeed worthy of the inheritance in the same way that any male children would have been.  This feminist gem in the Bible--the Old Testament of all places!--is so oft overlooked that honestly I cannot believe it is a coincidence.

We are denied our birthright, our heritage.  It is time that was no longer the case.  It is time to petition our leaders to petition the Lord.  If I am to be told I am unequal either by action or inaction, I want it on record.  Women are not less than, and we have the ability and the right to wield the power of God in the service of our fellow human beings.


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