Sunday, August 11, 2013

Think Globally, Act Locally

The key to any successful drive for change is to do as the slogan suggests and think globally but act locally.  Now of course, your ward members and Bishop, and Stake President can't do anything about Women's Ordination, however, the more people we speak with and get comfortable with the idea the easier any transition will be.

Another reason to act locally (carefully and faithfully) is that because one of the first rules of Mormonism is that it is a small world.  You will meet a random person, and if they are not outright a relative their mother or father served a mission in the area where your grandmother has lived her whole life and they know each other.  Putting a bug in the right ear and showing that we are not crazy, power-hungry, straw-women can go a very long way in the progress of this issue.

Be a member missionary for women's ordination.  Act like it is not something monumental, because it isn't.  We are merely seeking to reclaim what we have already had and what is ours.  Give it all the weight in conversation of deciding what to have for dinner this evening.  When it is seen as commonplace and not scary (because it isn't) it will be easier for people to understand, and accept.

We all need each other to put forth our best efforts and to make people see that their fears and their imaginations have run away with them; that it is time to approach God as a community in harmony--a Zion family.


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