Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wrapping up

As this project (my portion of it anyway) comes to a close, I would like to simply outline what I consider to be the most important aspects of the conversation.

  • The Priesthood of God knows no gender
  • Priesthood and Motherhood are absolutely not equivalents
  • In the early days of the restored church, women were ordained
  • It is not wicked to want to serve God and our fellow human beings
  • God loves us all, no one person or sex more than another
  • Faithful Agitation has been welcomed, it is historical, it is our right, and it is right.
This list of course is not all-inclusive, but I believe it to be a good sampling of the key points to be considered.  Hopefully we will see these changes in my lifetime, but if we do not, I still want to speak out for my sisters, my daughters, my nieces, my grandchildren, and every girl and woman who simply follows their heart to Priesthood service.  I think fulfilling divine calls is something we can all agree on.


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